June 13, 2020
Education loan for study in the UK

For Indian nationals wishing to complete their education abroad, the State Bank of India offers an education loan to enable them to study abroad. Educational credits for study abroad are awarded in the form of vocational, postgraduate, and further education courses at renowned universities and colleges.

June 12, 2020
Medical study in Australia

As in the US and Canada, many Australian medical schools now offer an "open enrollment program" that allows students to begin medical studies after completing their bachelor's degree. Students who have also completed a postgraduate - secondary - degree in a non-medical area are also eligible to apply for medical degree programs in Australia. Australians understand the importance of medical education in their own country and can guide their decision whether or not to practice medicine after graduation.

June 11, 2020
Medical study in Germany

The Goethe-Institute's Studienbr├╝cke program is specifically designed to prepare students from abroad who wish to study directly in Germany. German universities are not designed to meet general education requirements for one or two years before registering for a course of study. Studying - offers general information about studying in Germany with a complete list of universities and courses. The site provides an aptitude test to determine whether you want to pursue a subject, and there is a course of study.

June 10, 2020
Tuition-free education in Norway

The estimated cost of living in Norway is high compared to other European countries, but that does not mean that studying Norwegian will be cheap. In Norway, public institutions do not charge tuition fees, making it free for international students to pay the same rate as Norwegian students. Private institutions charge tuition fees, but they tend to be lower than tuition fees in other countries.

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