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Education loan for study in the UK

June 13, 2020

For Indian nationals wishing to complete their education abroad, the State Bank of India offers an education loan to enable them to study abroad. Educational credits for study abroad are awarded in the form of vocational, postgraduate, and further education courses at renowned universities and colleges.

Students can also benefit from scholarships and variable international education loans from banks. Below we have mentioned the ceilings for educational loans, which are supported by various banks and NBFCs that provide loans for study abroad in the UK.

Educational credits for studying in the UK generally have short processing times, and if you come from India, the processing time can also be shortened.

Funding is a major concern for most Indian students applying for masters and graduate courses in the UK. While the cost of studying abroad in the UK is comparable to that of other nations, educational loans in the UK can cover your living costs. Indian students do not have enough financial means to study in the UK, there are at least 1000 scholarship programs.

Unlike in many other countries, Indian students applying to study in the UK need to provide proof of financial backing to be admitted.

Banks offering loans

HSBC, in partnership with the Global Student Loan Corporation, offers educational loans to students seeking world-class education at colleges and universities in the United States. This allows students to borrow to finance their education-related expenses such as tuition fees, fees, and fees for studying abroad.

The Bank of Baroda offers an educational loan initiative called the "Baroda Scholar Loan" to help Indian students achieve their dream of studying abroad. The initiative is available to students who choose a career-oriented course at a prestigious foreign university in the USA, Canada, and Australia, New Zealand or other countries. Rs. 1 crore is given for residential property and the term is 15 years, the maximum amount of HSBC apprenticeship loans offered for study abroad is Rs. Indian student with interest - free loan of up to Rs 10,000 for the cost of tuition fees, fees, and fees for studying outside the country.

The loan requires collateral in the form of a bank loan of up to Rs. 10,000 a year. The Bank allows interest - free loans to universities that fall under Schedule A of the Bank Program and to universities that fall under Schedule B if they fall under Schedule A.

Lendwise is a specialist provider of education finance for UK residents wishing to finance their studies at leading UK universities. Specifically, the program will support students who choose to study for a bachelor's or master's degree in courses offered by institutes such as CIMA London in the UK and courses at universities in India, as well as students who choose to study for a bachelor's or master's degree or both.

Please note that the loans requested for tuition will be released after tuition has been requested and the cost of living loans is paid directly for your loan and cost of living. This leaves students with the option of taking out UK student loans to cover all costs. The loans are offered to UK-based students with an annual income of at least £50,000.

Indian banks that provide educational loans to study in the UK are not covered by professional courses such as CIMA. Education Loan for UK in India covers the cost of tuition based on the course and institution you are applying for.

UK scholarships

You can search for UK scholarships and learn more about the best International UK Student Loans in India and other countries around the world. Listen to our podcast here to find out more about the best international student loans for studying in the UK.

Cypriot students can take out student loans to cover the cost of their tuition and other expenses. Student loans are financed by the government of the country in which you wish to study and are issued through the Student Loans Company, which manages the services and pays the student loan directly to the university.

Interest rates on student loans are linked to inflation, so what you pay back will be broadly the same as what you borrow. Those wishing to study in the UK and other countries such as the UK can get student loans for tuition fees and fees. The loan covers the full amount charged for tuition and fees, plus interest and other expenses.

Financing for international students is more complicated as the loans are for students living in the country where they start their studies. British universities are keen to increase their international student numbers, so you should take some time to consider your options. The tuition fees and loans you receive from the government are highly competitive and can be repaid in various ways with interest rates of up to 10%. 

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